My pregnancy journey: Second Trimester

Now that I am in my third trimester, I would like to share my updates and lessons from my second trimester.

During my second trimester, my grandmother on my father’s side came to stay in my parents home for hospice care until she took her last breath. While she was still with us, I volunteered to give her medicine, clean her up, change her and now that I have done this with both of my grandmothers, it does not get any easier. There is something heartbreaking about changing pads and wiping up the women who once did the same for you as an infant.

After my grandmother passed the first week of January, I got very sick with a cold that I could not shake. Being pregnant, I am limited to what medicines I can take so it prolonged the sickness even more. It’s the longest I have been sick in awhile and my poor throat was so sore from coughing and my poor bladder leaked every time I coughed.

After I finally started to feel better, I went hiking at 19 weeks and while I was not hiking at my normal speed, I could still somewhat keep up.

I planned showers with my husband and family for our baby to come, went to multiple concerts, found out we are expecting a little girl, decided on a name; Ruth, searched for secondhand and gently used baby items, started adding books to Ruth’s library, started a memory book for her and finally made a registry on Amazon.

During my second trimester, I had a surge of energy that I did not posses during my first trimester and it left me feeling like myself again. I was no longer feeling like an inadequate wife because I was too tired to make a big dinner, wash dishes, run all the errands, etc. I finally found a balance with being a wife and expecting mother and knowing I am busy growing a human being so there was nothing wrong with me needing to take a break, eat a little more or nap a little more often.

Unfortunately towards the end of my second trimester, COVID-19 hit here in my hometown and has turned the community upside down. Everywhere and everyone it seems has been affected. Not just here in the state but worldwide.
I am fortunate to still be working but I am now working part time due to a slower volume. I take as many precautions as I can, I try to not go out besides to work, I am practicing social distancing to the fullest extent and even with doing all of that, it is still not enough to combat with what could happen.
There has not been enough testing to verify if pregnant women are at higher risks for the corona virus and every day I struggle with the fear of the unknown but I try to remain positive and pray my anxiety away.
I know that I am not the only pregnant woman during this time and more importantly I know that I am not the only pregnant woman who feels this way right now.

I have come to the conclusion that there will be no baby showers of any kind, no baby moon that was already planned and booked, maybe even no visitors including my husband when I deliver Ruth. Even though I would love for my husband to be by my side, I am really praying that I have a safe and healthy delivery and that all the mommas out there have the same outcome.

As I exit my second trimester and enter my third I wanted to share what I have been feeling:

  • I pee every few minutes. It is so aggravating.
  • I had tons of hot flashes.
  • I felt bloated almost all the time.
  • From the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep, my back hurts.
  • I still napped but not as often as I did in the first trimester.
  • My hair was not as oily.
  • I can no longer see my feet when I stand because my belly is in the way.
  • Nipple cream is a lifesaver.
  • Even small tasks have me out of breath.
  • I can now feel Ruth kick around as opposed to solely feeling her “flutter” around in there.
  • Small red stretch marks have started forming.

Keeping my hopes up and taking it one day at a time.

Yours truly,

-R. Garcia

One thought on “My pregnancy journey: Second Trimester

  1. Congratulations ! I’ve just caught up on all your latest adventures. Marriage and now a little one. May Jehovah bless you both. 😊🌻


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