My pregnancy journey: Third Trimester

During my third trimester, I went back to work full time which I was still grateful for but felt some anxiety since things weren’t getting better due to the pandemic.

My husband and I spent our last trimester working on the last few details of the house getting it ready for our baby.
We finished setting up her crib, adopted four baby chicks, met our goal of saving for our baby fund, gardened, baked for my small business, had a virtual baby shower hosted by my husband’s coworkers and took maternity pictures.

We kept ourselves busy with everything going on. I would reflect on giving birth soon and when I would feel overwhelmed, something would come up at home and distract me so I was thankful.
I counted the days until it would be time to go to the hospital. One step closer to seeing my little one I kept thinking.
Things were somewhat going fine until my due date came and I was no where near ready to give birth. I went to my 40 week appointment and my doctor instructed me that I would be asked to where a mask during labor and I would need to be tested for COVID prior to being induced.
I felt tears swell in my eyes. I was disgusted. How could I have the strength to go through labor AND wear a mask at the same time. Not to mention I could not have family present.
I’ll admit I was blue but I knew I had to get over it and I had to get over it fast. I had a baby on the way and I knew I needed to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready for her.

I’ll be sharing my birth story soon but until then, during my third trimester I felt:

  • Frequent headaches.
  • Continued hot flashes.
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom.
  • An increase in my appetite.
  • Braxton hicks contractions.
  • More emotional.
  • An itchy stomach.
  • Dry, itchy eyes.
  • Engorged breasts.

Until the next post,

-R. Garcia

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